Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bingham Canyon mine

24 Aug 2014

Another day of perfect weather.  Sure feels great after the bad spell....

Set up on Tooele airfield, Utah, right next to a corporate jet - a very different speed range.....

Then flew up to get a peek at the Bingham Canyon copper mine, also known as the Kennecott Copper mine.  This is one of the largest and deepest man-made pits in the world.  I say 'flew up' and 'a peek', because the mine itself is inside the control zone of the Salt Lake International Airport.  But by flying up the west side of the mountain range I could get a peek inside, while staying just outside the control zone.  Had to climb to 9,700ft to just barely get over the range.  Spectacular view, well worth it!

Then flew out on the salt flats beside the salt lake to find another of those concrete arrows.
This one points right to Salt Lake City.

A salt harvesting plant on the Great Salt Lake.

A Walmart distribution centre.  Note the number of trucks parked....

A large ordinance depot nearby

LDS churches everywhere.

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