Monday, November 10, 2014

Concrete arrows Utah

09 Saep 2014

Flying from Colorado City, Arizona.

 Here are more of the concrete arrows that were laid down in the 1920s to guide the first 
cross-country mail and passenger planes.  
At one time there was such an arrow, painted yellow, and with a light beacon, 
every 10 miles on all the major routes coast to coast. 
 That's many hundreds of them, a big undertaking.  
Only a few left now, and very few flyers have ever heard of them...
And that's strange, because it was such a giant step in allowing commercial aviation.....
I don't remember how I first heard about them when still in Australia, 
but I knew I had to find some of them!
One of the arrows near St George UT is now in an upmarket suburb,
so I couldn't fly over it in an ultralight.
But did walk to it, and found that it is well preserved, with an explanation.

See 'The Concrete Arrows Story' for much more info on these arrows.

Here's another one, just north of St George UT.
Not real easy to spot in all this rough country,
 I guess easier if it was still painted yellow.....

This Walmart distribution center right nearby,
is a much better landmark these days.

Here's another arrow, overlooking Quail Creek reservoir.

Interesting patterns from a golf community near Hurricane UT

A golf course on two levels.

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