Monday, November 17, 2014

Wyoming Rodeo

30 Aug 2014

I'd heard about a rodeo being held this weekend at Evanston, Wyoming.
Well, if Wyoming can't do a rodeo, then who can??  Wyoming has a buck jumper as the logo on all the license plates, and state emblems, so I had to go a see it for real.

This turned out to be a very small rodeo, but definitely genuine.  There are no 'pretenders' who get on a bucking bronc or a mean bull and take their chances....   I had hoped for a local amateur rodeo, with the local cowboys out to strut their stuff, like I remember from my childhood, but this was a small professional travelling rodeo.  (I guess their's no way these days to expect such a show unless there's significant money involved......)  It was a good show, but I most enjoyed the audience, who were distinctly local ranchers and farmers having a fun night out.  Quite amazing that none of them were obviously drunk, which was quite different from what I remembered of other rodeos.....  But then I realized that this Mormon country, so that explains it......

 An example of steer wrestling gone wrong.......

It was too dark for photos by the bull riding, 
and anyhow, 
most fell off far away, just outside the chutes.....

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