Sunday, November 2, 2014


04 Sep 2014

I've long wanted to fly up close to the snow on a high mountain,
but not much snow left at this time of year.
Then a rain event swept through Utah,
and later when flying over the Canyonlands, 
I could see that the recent weather had left snow on the high peaks in Colorado,
so I had to drive back to Telluride and have a go at it....

 The view from Lizard Head Pass, 10,200ft.

 Telluride now.

 The view from my campsite.

 Mt Wilson, at 14,200ft, is the objective.
The Telluride airfield is at 9,070ft.

I guess I can't expect to keep such a photo op to myself....

On the way up, at 11,200ft.

 Getting closer at 12,100ft.

Getting closer yet at 13,000ft.

Finally got to 13,500ft.
Climbing very slowly now, and not much rising air.....
Probably could have got to 14,000, 
but how long should I stay at this altitude without oxygen,
and very cold up here!
So called it close enough......

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