Friday, November 7, 2014

Chinle, AZ

13 Sep 2014

Had a quiet morning doing maintenance on the aircraft, while still out in the desert.
Cleaned spark plugs, synchronized carburetors, renewed safety wires, etc.  Both EGTs reading OK now.  Flew test flight then packed up.  Really enjoyed this airstrip.  The SP volcano and this strip will be highlights of the trip.....

Sure was good to get off the busy Hwy 89 and off onto 264 thro Indian lands.  Very light traffic, and interesting scenery.  Then onto Hwy 191 and back into busy, high speed, impatient, traffic, no fun at all, no chance to look at the scenery, gotta watch the traffic........  Finally to Chinle (chin'lee), a lot bigger than expected.  A large administrative town for the Indian lands.  Disappointed to find no internet service for my Verizon.....  Found the airport and met 'Flying Doctor' pilot John A..  Very friendly and helpful.  Helped me tune into wi-fi at the field.

A very busy airfield with frequent air ambulance comings and goings,
serving the large Indian lands all around.

Looks like a very good service.

The nearby features are the Canyons de Chelly.

And Spider Rock.

The bottoms of those canyons are intensively farmed.

There's a 'hogan' down there.
Must feel really impressive, being dominated by such cliffs.....

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