Thursday, October 30, 2014

Moab off-road

28 Sep 2014

Steve also took me on several excellent off-road trips in his Jeep.
There's hundreds of miles of off-road tracks around Moab,
from easy to very challenging.

We climbed some very rough tracks but I didn't get many photos,
too busy just hanging on.......

 One of the arches in Arches National Park
There are hundreds and hundreds of arches in this park.

Typical traffic in the Arches Park...... 

 Some excellent petrographs from Indian times.
That's the only bear I've ever seen  in such artwork.
Note the little fellow with the bow and arrow in front of the bear,
I guess that's how big a bear would look if you just had a bow and arrow....
There's also several mountain sheep in the picture,
There are heaps more such artwork right along a road near Moab.

 A typical viewpoint in the Canyonlands.


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