Friday, October 17, 2014

Ogallala Aquifer

20 Oct 2014

Flying from Muleshoe, Texas

 This is extremely productive country,
irrigated from the Ogallala Aquifer.

With lots of water and sunshine and the long growing season,
and of course, Texas work ethic,
the amount of produce grown here is incredible!

The big grain handling facilities tell of the productivity.
There's enough grain stored here to feed millions of people, 

There's more grain stored in those white 'sausages'.
And two trains, both with double-stacked containers,
tell of the dynamic activity in this country....

Lots of the grain goes to cattle feed lots like this one,
and silage being hauled in by the multiple semi loads.

There's a whole bunch of Angus steaks down there getting fat.....

Always interesting patterns in this irrigated agriculture.
Cotton in foreground.

This dome is covering water storage for Lubbock city.
They also compete for Ogallala water....

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