Saturday, October 11, 2014

Solar 'Farms', nuclear, and gas.

03 Nov 2014

I have an interest in energy generation and distribution and use.
So went here to have a look at several means of generating electricity.

That's the Palo Verde nuclear power plant in background.
The largest nuclear plant in the US.
Didn't dare to fly any closer,
cause Homeland Security is very sensitive about such sites....

Arlington Valley solar plant.
Also near the nuclear plant.
It's good to hear that the nuclear plant uses recycled sewage as cooling water.....

This plant uses parabolic reflectors to heat molten salts, rather than photovoltaic cells,
so it can generate electricity for 6 hours after sundown..

These solar power plants really are just like farms.
This one is right next to irrigated crops and a feedlot.
There are many solar 'farms' in the area, 
most are outside the precious irrigated land area,
so an excellent way to 'farm' that otherwise non-productive land.

This is a gas-fired power station also nearby.
These are to fill in when the sun doesn't shine.
A whole lot of electricity generated around here,
for all the air conditioners in Phoenix and California....

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