Monday, October 6, 2014

Death Valley

09 Nov 2014

I'd remembered Death Valley to be a great place to fly,
And the scenery really is spectacular!

And having flown from Telluride airfield at 9,070 ft altitude
just had to do it from Furnace Creek at 182 ft below sea level......

But it is a National Park,
so lots of formal restrictions....
ie- must fly at a minimum of 2000ft above the ground.....
That's a bit too high for the best view of the details....
No off-road driving allowed, so no vehicle tracks over that pristine country,
So, if I had an engine failure and had to ditch down there,
would I be able to use 4WD vehicles for recovery,
and thus leave permanent tracks,
or would National Parks insist on helicopter recovery......

 Stovepipe Wells airstrip.

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